Selasa, Juni 17, 2008

Never-say-die spirit of Turkey

I'm a die hard fans of Italy. But so far in Euro 2008, my fave game is Turkey vs Czech Rep. I do think it was one of the most dramatic finales ever witnessed in a UEFA European Championship match.

I almost turned off my TV when Czech lead with 2 goals in minutes 62. The Jaroslav Plasil's goal banishing my hope for Turkey victory. But I keep telling to myself, c'mon give some minutes for Turkey. They have show the never say die spirit, it might get reward later.

My patience was paid off in 75th minutes. Arda Turan's strike, from a deflected Hamit Altıntop cross, set off the frantic finale.Turkey 1, Czech 2. My hope sparked again. I watch the game deliriously.

Then, the two minutes drama begins. Nihat Kahveci (the captain's team) score the equaliser goal in 87th minutes. His goal happened because of Petr Cech's blunder whose mishandling of Hamit's cross handed. In the 89th minutes, Nihat made second goal and punished Čech again with a glorious winner.

Just to heighten the late drama, during 4 minutes added time, Tuncay Şanlı, a forward who had more shots on goal than any other player, take a part as goalkeeper following the dismissal of Volkan Demirel who punch a Czech player ( i can't see the player name). In the 94th minutes final whistle was blown. Turkey beat the Czechs 3-2 and qualify for a quarter-final in Vienna against Croatia.

Though The Czech's supporter might think to have had victory stolen from their team, the final analysis and statistics showed opposite side. After all, Turkey finished up with more ball possession (57 to 43 per cent), more corners (six against two), more shots (on and off target – 8/5 and 16/14) and the best runners and passers. Arda covered the most ground - 11,34 km - and was also the best passer (86 per cent completed).

Still, the most astonishing performance of Turkey is a team's never-say-die spirit. Sadly, I dont see it in Italy's team this year. Hiks..hiks.

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  1. The Turkey drama might be the same as the cordoba drama when Austria hit Germany in the very last minutes of second round, back in world cup 1978.
    Viva Turkey!

  2. Wow Astari, you don't look the football type. I used to play rugby football many years ago but these days it's mainly internet and walks. Take care Astari. Dai

  3. aha, really? I love football since I was seven years old. It was my brothers fault for introducing me to soccer world. Diego Armando Maradona, Paolo Maldini, Ruud Gullit, Marco Van Basten, and Frank Rijkaard were the first line of soccer player that I knew.

    Most of them are AC Milan's player. No wonder that AC Milan is my beloved soccer club ever :-) And Italy also my idol team ever ( of course with Indonesia National Team), no matter what the people critics and scorn about Azzuri.

    I know a little about Rugby ( mostly from the internet and TV). Here in Indonesia, Rugby isnt familiar game.There is no rugby field, on the contrary soccer and badminton fields spread across the country.

  4. Yoa...but still VIVA Azzuri. Long Life Italy!!!!