Selasa, Februari 05, 2008

Bowling Pasfes

Bowling is one of my fave sport since 3 years ago. Sometimes I've played it very well, made 5 strikes in a game. Yeahh, sure it only blessing in disguise.

This time me and my old friends have fun at Bowling Alley Pasar Festival, South Jakarta. We really enjoy it. Spent almost 4 hours in the alley. Guys n Gals, let's play hard again, soon.

2 komentar:

  1. looks fun!
    mau dong ... ikutaaan .... ^_^

  2. yang seru, ketika posisi tangan sedang ada di belakang sambil memegang bola, bersiap untuk meluncurkannya, tapi bolanya jatuh karena terlalu berat. What a shame, but ridiculous and fun on the other hand.