Rabu, Mei 21, 2008


1. Since the night Cook sang “Billie Jean", he just been marking time until tomorrow night to win AI's title.

2. With his vocal range, the variety of songs he is comfortable with singing and the arrangements he has chosen, has shown he has the tools to become a star. He’s got the voice, the look, the charisma and maturity. He's more likable and flexible. He can play an instrument and connects with the audience. There's nothing Archuleta can do that Cook can't do better.

3.Listening to Cook each week on Idol is like turning on the radio. He's in different stage from Archuleta who sings the same big ballads over and over again. Yes, Archuleta can carry a tune, but he just doesn’t have the tonal quality of David Cook.

4. At 25, Cook is old enough to understand he’s making a deal with the devil ( in the record world). While Archuleta is 17 - the same age as Jordin Sparks when she won last year - although he carries himself as if he’s years younger. Archuleta also appears as a frightened boy overwhelmed by the demands of an overbearing stage father and in way over his head.

5. I liked Cook a hell of a lot more than Archuleta. If Cook comes out a 2nd, still he will have a longer and more lucrative music career than Archuleta. wink wink

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  1. i like jason castro in this season of AI. too bad, he didn't make to the final. what do you think of him?

  2. hi,
    am not surprised if Cook gets the AI title this season - given that he's got so much potential to elevate sales figures for the recording blokes; Archuleta is, (like randy
    said he can sing the whole phone book) i couldn't agree more, a typical ballad singer - it must have been tough for a millenium teen like him to sing n recycle those oldies and still managed to get into the finale; bottomline the end results of AI (and other similar competition) are, like it or not, aside from public preferences, influenced by commercial goals (labes, producers, tv ratings - will his/her album soar to platinum or will it just sit unattended on the shelves)..
    both Davids did their very best, but if i had all the cellphones in the world.. i would have used them all to vote for Archuleta...

    i like this blog of yours, especially the cyber bus entry.. it must have been real cool riding in such a lavish bus... i wish..

  3. Umm, imho, Jason has stunning and beautiful eyes. But his range of voice is adequate. He's only good for singing slow and medium songs. So, Jason was never be my fave. Since the AI 7th season has begun, my rooting votes was for Michael Johns and David Cook. I'm rock music lover, hehehe

  4. wow...if I live in US, I'll join with the DC fans club and text as many as my phone's credit limit.

    and related to the cyber bus, it is called OmahMlaku. If u want more comprehensive info about OmahMlaku and other luxury carrier, i'll sent u my article on it which was published in Gatra's 28th edition. Plz pm ur email, ok?